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Anti-Rape Devices

#5 Anti-Molestation Jacket

Designed by two students at India’s National Institute of Fashion Technology, this jacket is capable of detecting unwanted advances and then discharges 110 volts of electricity, enough to take down an attacker by pain. The coat is available in denim and acrylic but it is not yet for sale in the market since it’s still awaiting for its patent.

IPhone Contenders

#8 Samsung Galaxy S4

To top off our list is the phone from the world’s number 1 brand in Android, Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S4 boasts a two set of quadcore (4 CPUs) that is dubbed as “octa-core”. iPhone 5 only offers 4.0 inch Retina display but the S4 has 4.99 Full HD Super Amoled display that offers true blacks (and they are indeed really black!) Coupled with a 13MP snapper and a lower price than the iPhone 5, surely this unit is for the win. The only downside is that the outside materials use is not as premium as the iPhone 5. It uses a glossy plastic for its chassis.

Real-Life Rapunzels

#8 The Man With The Longest Hair

Long hairs are not only exclusive for women. Men have also desired to have those looks. The official record holder for the longest hair on men is by Xie Quiping of China. It was officially measure in 2004 at 14 ft.

Battery Packs That Are Worth The Bucks

#8 Energenie Chargegenie 200 20,000mAh at 159 pounds

This is your magic power genie. The Energenie Chargegenie 200 is a portable battery backup which is about the size of a book (if you call that portable) and has virtually all the connections you needed. The sturdy body packs a very high power reserve. There is a power switch and an adjuster to different voltages like 8.4V, 9.5V and more. The blue LED indicates remaining charge. And the pack comes in big size for a reason: you can recharge even your laptop on this.

Very Weird International Birthday Gestures

#8 The Birthday Smash

This tradition is from the USA, one of the most culturally-diverse country. The name sure sounds fun but if you think that this is just a simple birthday party; well this is a rip-off of the classic birthday tradition of singing the birthday song. Well, in here you have the classic cake with a smash that may be going towards your face. It is a sure way of celebrating a fun birthday.
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